Hunters, Joana Gruesome, and Cate Le Bon

by whereibelongsf

First off, I’ve decided to combine my music writing with my video game writing. I hope this doesn’t confuse anyone. If it does, I’m sorry. Yay for you for having so little else in your life to worry about.

I write about hip-hop for RapReviews, but I’ve been in a bit of a funk, hip-hop-wise as of late. Yesterday I spent a chunk of time listening to new releases by Tanya Morgan, Billy Woods, Rocky Rivera, and Freddie Gibbs. None of it did anything for me. I tend to go in cycles with music, and for the last few weeks I’ve had little interest in hip-hop. What I have been excited about is some of the poppy, punky indie rock I’ve been hearing.

The Hunters self-titled album got a harsh review in Pitchfork. There is obviously something personal going on between the reviewer and the band – maybe he hates the kind of music they make, maybe he’s seen one too many half-assed punk bands, maybe he heard too much hype about the band. Whatever the case, he was very ungenerous in his review, so much so that I had to hear how shitty this band was. And instead, I really love the record. It’s  led by a couple whose dual vocals add a lot to the band. They are loud but melodic not unlike Nirvana or Wavves, with occasional cheerleading barks like Sleigh Bells, and bouts of Sonic Youth-like noise. Are they the next big thing? Maybe not, but I really enjoy what they do.

I am also enjoying Joanna Gruesome’s debut. They are a poppy punk band from the UK who mix Lush-like female vocals with some angry punk. It sounds like something I would have loved in 1992.

Finally, I’m loving Welsh singer/songwriter Cate Le Bon’s latest album, Mug Museum. It’s sort of like a twisted take on sixties folk pop.