by whereibelongsf

I was playing Far Cry 3 when I reached a cut scene where you have sex with one of the female characters. She appears topless, her breasts painted but uncovered.maxresdefault

At first I was like, holy cow! I was really shocked. It is literally the first time I have seen a topless woman in a video game. And then I thought, “why am I shocked by a topless woman, but not by the hundreds of pirates I have stabbed through the throat, shot in the head, or set on fire throughout the course of the game?” It’s bizarre to me that nudity is a no-no in video games but graphic violence is ok. 100% of people playing a video game have seen a woman topless, or will see a woman topless in their lifetime. Hopefully very few people playing video games will see someone stabbed in the throat, dismembered, shot in the head, or otherwise brutalized. Boobs are used to feed human babies. They have an actual functional purpose. But no, if our kids see sexy images in a game, it might irreparably harm them. But violence? No biggie.