by whereibelongsf

I bought GTA V the day it came out. It’s the first time I have ever bought a game on the day it came out since Sonic Tuesday in 1992. I traded in Saint’s Row the Third for my copy, but still ended up paying over fifty bucks for it. I got home, loaded it up, and excitedly started to play it. And after a few hours, I left it aside and went back to Far Cry 3. 


The problem with GTA V is the same problem with all of the GTA games: the gaming mechanics aren’t always that much fun. In the early missions you do a whole lot of drive here and pick up this. Which means you are essentially commuting in L.A. traffic in a video game. That’s not my idea of a great time. Then there are the cop chases. I have never enjoyed running from the cops in GTA games. It is just not a fun thing to do. Whenever I can, I use a cheat to reduce my wanted level to zero. I don’t get the appeal of having to try to drive away while cars that vastly overpower yours ram into you.

The game also relentlessly pushes buttons. There are so many N bombs that it makes me, who listens to tons of explicit rap music, uncomfortable. It’s like South Park in that it is a big offensive satire of everything, and tries to have its cake and eat it to. It’s ok to be super sexist if you are making fun of sexism, right? It’s ok to be racist if you are making fun of racism. And it’s ok to have a torture scene where the player has to torture someone, right? Cuz that’s edgy, yah? 

Whatever. The game looks pretty and it is fun driving around the fake L.A., but playing it has reminded me why I have owned every GTA game since GTA 3, but finished none of them.